Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Benevolent Nihilism

This is a brief response to a prior post... I knew it was coming, but when it does it doesn't sit any easier. It was a little under two months ago that a maniacal gunmen dropped over thirty people at Virginia Tech with his malice and madness. Our nation was so "shocked" by this tragedy that it struggled to find ways of expressing this, and yet we have proved our own benevolent nihilism and moved in a little over two monts from broadcasting about serious and tragic stories to spending the majority our our news casts talking about Paris Hilton's recent sojourn in county jail. What the hell is wrong with us? I am absolutely stunned about this. Yet we continue to broadcast banality talking about someones life who in the grand scheme of things is pathetically insignificant, and we forget tragedy by filling our minds with empty stories that tease and tantalize the palates of our dead souls. Is anyone else bothered by this?

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